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Checkered Flag finishes are in the books for Kroyer Racing Engines.

From the desolate desert of Baja Mexico to the outskirts of Salt Lake City, Utah and everywhere in between, Kroyer Racing Engines have been running at full speed this month with no end in site.
S.C.O.R.E Baja 500
The 45th SCORE Tecate Baja 500 took place at the beginning of June and with 289 entrees. Kroyer Racing Engines would head south to Ensenada just days before the race to witness qualifying for the Trophy Truck class. Over 35 Trophy Trucks qualified two days before race day, and Kroyer Racing Engines would fill 3 of the top 5 spots. Jason Voss qualified his #35 Voss Motorsports truck into the second starting position. Filling the third starting position was back to back Baja 500 winner, Bryce Menzies in the #70 Red Bull/Menzies Motorsports truck. Rounding out the top 5 for qualifying would be none other than the #1 Trophy Truck of BJ Baldwin.

Race day arrived on Saturday, June 1st and it wasn't long before the first truck off the line, Robby Gordon, spun out just a few short miles from the start. Jason Voss capitalized from Gordon's error and would take over as the first truck on the road. With clean air Jason separated himself from the rest of the class early on in the race. Meanwhile, Bryce Menzies, BJ Baldwin and 8th place qualifier, Steven Eugenio, were all caught in the dust of Baja. With a corrected time of over 4 minutes, Jason Voss continued his lead early on in the race, but it wouldn't be long before his lead and his race would come to a screeching halt. As Jason raced forward on the course, coming up to race mile 45, a Baja local would be driving backwards down the course not aware that the leader was just seconds away. Jason and the local collided. After assessing the situation, Jason made the call to continue the race. Roughly 100 miles later Jason pulled into his pit where the team and Jason decided to end their race day. Damage to the truck was severe and would take numerous hours to repair.

As the #35 truck sat parked in the Voss Motorsports pit, the #70 truck of Bryce Menzies skated by following right behind Robby Gordon. After 180 miles in dust, Bryce Menzies finally took over as the lead truck on the road. No more than 5 miles later, Menzies would be stopped on the side of the course fixing a broken power steering oil line. Benefiting from the broken #70 truck would be BJ Baldwin. The 500 mile race was taking its toll on many trucks early on in the race and the corrected time for the lead would change numerous times. With 14 Trophy Trucks being plagued with DNF's, it would be Robby Gordon who would race away with the win. Kroyer Racing Engines gathered up 2nd and 3rd place as BJ Baldwin and Bryce Menzies both faced minor issues that would hold them back from the win.

Another win for Kroyer Racing Engines came from the #1932 Jagged X/Polaris Pro UTV of Matt Parks. After nearly 300 miles of reeling in the Pro UTV leader, Matt Parks would catch and pass for the lead. Running all the way to the finish, Parks claimed his second win of the year in the SCORE series.
Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series - Tooele, UT - Rounds 7-8

With the 2013 LOORRS season now past the half way mark, Kroyer Racing Engines are more than pleased with the results they have seen to date. Carl Renezeder ran away with another win in the Pro4 class in round 7, but the win didn't come with out some battling with the best in the class. It would be round 8 where the winning streak for Kroyer and Renezeder would come to a bittersweet end. Carnage took over the round 8's Pro4 race and battles would ensue between the top three trucks. After going lap for lap with Eric Barron and not able to make a clean pass, Renezeder would have to settle for a second place finish.

"Even though we didn't win round 8 in the Pro4 class, we are still thrilled with how this year has played out so far." Said Kevin Kroyer "to have a truck win 9 rounds in a row (2 from the last 2 rounds of the 2012 season) and break a LOORRS record of the most consecutive wins, speaks volumes of Carl's skill and the product that we provide for him."  


Along with his Pro4 podiums, Carl would also give Kroyer Racing Engines two, 2nd place podiums in the Pro2 class. Kyle LeDuc debuted his JCRI/Monster Energy #98 Pro2 at the beginning of the season and continues to run with the top competitors of the class. In round 7 Kyle was one spot away from a podium finish. After pulling back to the pit Kyle and the JCRI team were given the "Fast Lap" trophy for Kyle's record breaking lap time.  


Over 25 Pro Lites would race rounds 7&8 where even the most experienced Pro Lite drivers would have to deal with door-to-door racing. The Kroyer powered #1 Pro Lite of RJ Anderson had no expectations of making the podium as he was dealing with illness all week. Focus and drive though would put RJ Anderson on the podium with a 1st place finish in round 7. The win didn't come easy and the lead position would change multiple times but it would be RJ who would be the first across the finish. Round 8 was full of just as much racing and crashing as one would see in NASCAR. After chasing down leader, Sheldon Creed, a pass would not be in the books for RJ and he would claim a 2nd place finish. RJ now sits 3rd in points going into the Glen Helen night race.  

S.N.O.R.E. KC HiLites 250    
The summer heat has taken over the open desert valley so it is now time for night racing to kick in. The first SNORE night race of the season took place this month and it may not have had as many entrees as hoped, but it was a race that many talked about afterwards.
2 of the 4 Unlimited Trucks would have Kroyer power under the hoods and those trucks would set the pace for the rest of the field. T.J. Flores and Dallas Luttrell left many of the entrees in the dust. Flores and his #80 McMurrough Racing Unlimited Truck never looked back and after five brutal laps would run away with the overall win, finishing the 250 mile race in 04:53:14. Dallas Luttrell would take 2nd place in Unlimited Truck and 3rd overall with a finishing time of 05:44:38.

Kroyer Racing Engines 
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