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Kroyer Racing Engines


Kroyer Racing Engines, established by Kevin Kroyer, opened its doors in 2000. Kevin Kroyer has been building racing engines professionally for over 20 years. During the first 10 years of his career he was employed by legendary off-road racer Walker Evans. With Evans, most of Kroyer’s time was spent building engines for a large quantity of projects, including multiple development programs for different OEM based racing projects, such as Chrysler’s V-10 engines for Trophy Truck and Class 8 competition, a 60-degree V-6 development program for the Mickey Thompson Stadium Series and a 90-degree V-6 engine program for the Unlimited Mini-Truck Class. The Evans team was also partially responsible for development when Dodge rejoined the hunt for a championship with NASCAR in 1994 in the form of the Super Truck Series.

One of the last engine projects at Walker Evans Racing was development of General Motors new SB-2 Cylinder Head platform on larger cubic inch, fuel injected small blocks that helped Evans win the CORR Pro-4 Championship in 1999. It was during those years, working with some of the best in the off-road industry, that Kroyer came to realize what it took to offer a first class product, provide customers with a competitive edge, priceless track support, and most importantly, win races and championships.

In 2000, Kevin Kroyer was given the opportunity to construct an engine design, assembly, and testing facility in Las Vegas, NV in partnership with Michael Gaughan, the owner of Coast Casinos and long time Walker Evans supporter. The actual construction of Kroyer’s facility was handled by Off-Road Champion Brian Collins and the team at Collins Motorsports and Collins Development. The purpose was to build NASCAR Winston West and Craftsman Truck engines for up and coming driver Brendan Gaughan. During that time, KRE was able to build multiple race winning engines, and received the NASCAR Clevite Engine Builder of the Year award for 2000, 2001, 2002, for the NASCAR Winston West Series and in 2003 for both the NASCAR Craftsman Truck and Winston West Series Engine Builder of the Year.

While building and maintaining the NASCAR programs that KRE was heavily involved with, it was the aforementioned off-road racer Brian Collins and his Collins Motorsports team that actually spurred the staff at Kroyer Racing Engines back into the off-road desert arena. This included Brian’s Trophy Truck and Alan Pflueger’s Pro-Truck. Pflueger proceeded to win the Pro-Truck Championship that year with Kroyer power.

In 2004, Brendan Gaughan took an opportunity to race the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, and the KRE engine program proceeded to continue their winning streak in NASCAR with Steve Park. Also at this time, KRE decided to broaden its customer base and dive deeper back into the off-road market while still building engines for the NASCAR series. This was a great opportunity for the company to use its state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar facility to design, engineer, and test endurance engines that were able to exceed the current standard of power and durability available. While most would think that there would be little crossover between NASCAR and Endurance Off-Road racing, the staff at KRE has always liked the cross pollination of technology that racing in different series brings, and the ability to develop parts and procedures where durability is key to finishing and winning races.

Within this time, KRE also produced engines for NASCAR Grand National Series, the Cobra Challenge Cup, and even NHRA Sport Compact Series. In 2004, KRE helped engineer the winning GM Chevrolet Cavalier Pro-FWD racing engines driven by Nelson Hoyos. They too went on to win many races and championships.

After realizing that the rest of the powertrain was lacking in durability, with multiple competitor’s transmission and gear failures that were out of our control, we decided to change the standard of the industry. Stemming from the NHRA Sport Compact Series engine program, KRE developed a partnership with Barry Singleton and Jeremy Whitt of GearWorks to develop a “Complete Powertrain Package” to provide an even better service to our clients. This allowed us to ensure - through attention to detail, engineering, and development- that the powertrain would be durable enough and complement each other well enough to not only finish, but win more races and championships. For more information about our “Race Ready Complete Powertrain Packages”, please read: The Kroyer Advantage.


It is important to remember that WE ARE ENGINE BUILDERS FIRST! Kroyer Racing Engines initially started as an engine building facility. With our crew of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to continue to develop, improve, and build a variety of engine packages, from small 2/4 valve 2 cylinder engines, 2/4 valve 4 cylinder engines, and large cubic inch small block engines from a number of different manufacturers. We will always be engine builders first!

Currently, KRE builds engines for a wide variety of vehicles, including:

  • Trophy/Trick Trucks
  • Class 1/1500 Cars
  • Class 10 Cars
  • Class 6/7200 Trucks
  • Pro Trucks
  • Pro-4 Trucks
  • Pro-2 Trucks
  • Pro-Lite Trucks
  • Pro-Buggies
  • Polaris/Kawasaki UTVs – Development only
To view more products that we offer, please visit: Products.

Some of our notable accomplishments include:

  • 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, & 2011 SCORE Trophy Truck Championship Engine Builder with True-Grit Award (Finished all race miles of every race of season).
  • 6 Time Baja 500 Overall Winning Engine Builder
  • 4 Time BITD Vegas To Reno Overall Winning Engine Builder
  • 2012 SCORE Trophy Truck, Class 1, Class 6, Class 10, and Pro-Truck, and Overall Points Champions
  • 2012 BITD Trick Truck, and Class 1 Car, and Overall Points Champions
  • 2012 SNORE Class 1 Car Champions
  • 2012 LOORS Unlimited UTV Champions
  • 2012 TORQ Pro-2, Pro-4 Champions
For a more complete list, please visit: Accolades.


Kroyer Racing Engines is on the leading edge of development in the off-road market. Our “Race Ready Complete Powertrain Packages” set us apart from the rest of the competitors in this industry. With our very capable facility and adept experience, we always work to design new products and improve those that currently exist to increase performance and durability. We will continue to produce premier powertrain packages for our current and future clients.

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